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I got my ears pierced at Pagoda about a month ago, and i have been cleaning my ears twice everyday, before i go to school and before i go to bed. The solution was drying out the skin around the earring hole and my ear holes would begin to start bleeding.

Everyday when i try to clean my ears with the solution on a Q-tip, my ears begin to bleed. Ive kept in the original piercing earrings they gave me.

I tried removing the flaky and dry area around my earring holes but it only begins to bleed even more. If anyone can please help me with this BLOODY INFECTION, please do!

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Change what you are using to speak your ear with. Use a sea salt derma spray.

It's called a He healing ocean. Plus if you did pierce with gold that might be causing an infection. If your body does not something that in put into it, it will reject it. By not healing, infections.

Just something to think about.

Good luck.


Try putting some coconut oil on them. Make sure your hands are very clean before touching them .

Pure coconut oil is very healing and keeps the wounds clean and moisturized. Sounds like the salt water solution from piercing pagoda had died you out too much.

Coconut oil is also a gentle anti bacterial agent.

Good luck.

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