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Went for cardilage peircing about 2 months ago ,have been to the hospital twice due to such a bad infection , just had surgery on that ear today to drain out the severe infection ,from what useing dirty Equipment??? Doctor says her cardilage was soooooo infected that it may never be normal what a nightmare you should really have trained people working there , cost 1,000.00 for surgeon soooo far , my neice 11 yrs old may have to live with a disformed ear for the rest of her life because of the baddddd infection due to going to peircing pagoda , in wich i thought was the right place to go

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Ahahahah oh my, let that $1, 000.00 be a lesson to your future aftercare piercings... piercing guns are EMPTY and the cartridges with the earrings are sealed and sterilized from factory...

What kind of parent would let an 11 year old pierce her cartilage?? By LAW you couldnt even sign her paperwork! So technically her parents should blame you! Shame shame shame.

Piercing guns... ahahahahhaha


You seem like a bad parent for letting an 11 year old get a piercing! It has everything to do with you not taking care of it and nothing to do with the equipment that they use!

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #791455

Well anon u sure have some great advice for people and iam guessing you do not have any children you like to blame the person and not the worker / store makes me think you have no job and no life things do happen to people even when they follow the directions they where given i also got my ear pierced and was infected for 3 months i also was told the equipment was DIRTY i guess thats my fault to ...haha i hope this young girl doesn't have to live with a deformed ear because the workers suck at there job maybe clean there hands and equipment .... Just a start !!


Cauliflower ear? :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

Torrance, California, United States #777357

Why would you let an 11 yr old get a cartilage piercing anyway?


This happens from bad care and hygiene. Following best practices is important after piercing.

Have been working for the company for 6 years and never heard of such a thing.

Our procedures beat FDA standards. No possible way for equipment to be "dirty"

to Anonymous #764900

This happens from piercing guns. It has nothing to do with bad care of hygiene...although you people with piercing guns tell them improper aftercare information so I'd have no idea how you'd expect her to even get proper care and hygiene information.

There is no possible way for equipment to be dirty?


Try there is no possible way for your equipment to be sterilized. Talk to a real piercer, they'll explain it all to you.

Lynn, Massachusetts, United States #727932

Every thg is new and opened in front of you, did you pick 10 or 14k gold or titiuim, did u clean an follow instru. Only u knw if you did what u were suppost to do, and if you did thn yes you should look into doing more abt it with the company :roll


Wow the equipment at pagoda can't be dirty because every cartridge used for every customer is different. They don't use needles to pierce they pierce you with the earring the customer chooses.

So this infection can't be pagoda's fault, maybe you did not follow their ear care instructions like you should have. :?


this has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you not taking proper care of it afterwards


need to keep them clean :eek afterwards .....Never seen this happen before. hygiene hygiene hygiene :grin

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