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I will never go to piercing pagoda in lakeland FL ever again. The lady was up set when I choose the earrings that were $34 and the total came up to $51 she added the insurance without explaning.

I asked her to remove the insurance she was acting upset and when it was time to pierce my daughters ears i wanted to back out because of the womans *** attitude but my husband said go ahead and just get it done. The lady did not care to see the hole and stood in a postion i was not ok with because it was umcomforable because she was very mad. She pierced my babys bottom tip of the ear. And proceeded to pierce the other side.

The earings were pierced so unevenly i wanted to cry. I told her it wasnt even and she told me i had to wait for it to heal which made no sense because the mark she made was about half an inch away. I asked the other worker to help me and she told me i would have to wait until they get to everyone first then me which was about 4 people. I started to tear up and we waited to the side for about 20 mins.

Because they did not care. The manager happend to pass through i was veryyyy upset because of the service. The manager told me we would have to re pierce it. The two lady workers were hiding in the back.

I wanted to confront them so bad about their sucky service and attitude that was given to myself after the one lady pierced my 2 months ears. The manager re peirced it evenly and i left mad and furious!

No customer satisfaction at all!!! This is in LAKELAND SQUARE MALL DONT EVER GO TO PIERCING PAGODA THERE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Piercing Pagoda Ear Piercing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The girl was upset about you not wanting the insurance because all employees have a daily, weekly and monthly warranty goal they have to meet and a lot of employees meet that by sneaking the warranties in with ear piercings. Pagoda cares most of all about sales and put a lot of pressure on employees to meet goals.

That said, anyone who has to resort to sneaking an extra charge on is not a very good sales person. It's shady af. The girl totally took out her anger on your child. If she's actually that bad at Piercing on dots, she shouldn't be piercing at all.

You can take the piercing out right away and redo the piercing, some places do recommend waiting a day or two to redo the piercing because the ear will be more swollen and the earring posts aren't always long enough to accommodate the swelling. This girl just sounds like a b****.


I was most concerned when I read your message. This was so much more than just "poor service", it was out right grievous physical assult on an 8 week old infant.

You should have immediately made out a police report. They would have been arrested on the spot and charged with same. (As a side note, you could have sued the living day lights out of them.

That would have made the papers, etc. And would have had the affect of protecting other little tiny angels from the same trama.)

Take care and God Bless.

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