I went to the piercing pagoda in Las Vegas South Premium outlets, and I've wanted to get my second piercings for a while now. when I first passed the kiosk, I thought it might be too sketchy to be sterile, but upon closer inspection it seemed pretty clean.

I went up the the kiosk, picked out my earrings, bought them, and they brought me in, sat me on the stool, and disinfected my ears. everything was fine. the lady working the kiosk made the marks with her marker, and when I said they were good, she got the gun out. i had checked the mirror, and the markings were totally semetrical, perfect spacing.

when she actually did the piercings, however, she totally missed the mark. they are totally uneven, I don't know how she actually missed that badly.

as you can see, she almost completely missed my ear on the right. (it looks a lot worse in person than the picture) would not go back, too inexperienced.

Review about: Piercing Pagoda Piercing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: heal my ear?? nothing they can do, just want my concern to be known, they already messed up my ear.

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I do not understand why people want to put more holes in their body than what they already have? You know how ugly all these holes looks when you turn 46?


You should never ever get any piercing with a gun. Unsanitary, traumatic. A professional piercer would have been way better.


I will never understand why people go to these places. Do yourself a favor and take those studs out, let the area completely heal and then go to an actual piercer.

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